Catherine is a UX designer, a design thinker, an independent consultant, a team (cheer)leader, and a life-long student. She loves movement, messy unfinished things, and can play tetris for a frighteningly long period of time.

She thinks about design as reframing, co-creating, and articulating new experiences that have emotional resonance and tends to gravitate towards values-based design.

With a background in economic development that led to a first career in human capital consulting, Catherine is constantly reconciling the world of high-tech with people needs. Catherine has a masters in Interaction Design from Carnegie Mellon University where she TAed for service design classes in HCI and Design departments and bachelors in Economics and International Studies from Northwestern University where her favorite class was Global History I and II.

When not designing, she really enjoys playful somatic activities such as climbing, acroyoga, dance, and good old fashioned running.

Take a look at things that have influenced her, things she has tried to articulate through words, and some things she has worked on, and reach out if you would like to work together.

Say hey at [at]