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sugar salt & crumbs
adventures of baby mark

taco time

currently developing a loving relationship with tacos. will talk more about it later

time and motion

slowly working on getting better at illustration and moving into time and motion studies

design school divergence

have been catching up with a design school friends over the past week. i'm so proud of what we have learned even though we have each taken very different paths. talking with them is so grounding and like a breath of fresh air and reaffirms for me each time that design feels more like a philosophy for living sincerely, deeply, and joyfully. for the first time in awhile, I feel more at peace.


yes, they do work

point of view

this is a helpful starter for developing/writing a POV which is so essential in designing... "rather than ____, we think _____"


"dainty, dumpy, graceful, garish, delicate, balanced, warm, passionate, brooding, awkward and sad" aw

portfolio learnings

almost done with this refresh. feel like I've learned a heck of a lot by looking, analyzing, imitating, and recomposing things. some learnings when it comes to writing about your design projects for the portfolio:

add specific insights to make me believe why I should care (secret: make sure you care first).

tell me what the designed solution is at a glance. this is where diagrams, system maps, conceptual frameworks come in. it tells me where this is situated and therefore how I should evaluate it

show me how it feels. yes, the feels. this is why they tell you to make the 'emotional concept video sketch'

on photos and images

i'm really appreciating photography today. Bruce said slyly one day in his mild suggestive Canadian way that you really "aught to put a hand in it"...meaning when you present your projects, you should have some hands in the shot. I'm really finally understanding how important this technique is for interaction design projects because you're designing things used by people. Having hands in it communicates so much and sets the expectation immediately upon viewing that the thing you have designed that it is for people, by people, with people, etc. And in certain ways, just having hands is better than having a full body in the shot because as a viewer, you almost start to superimpose the hands in the photo onto your own body...they become your hands and you start to imagine what it would feel like for you to use the thing...highly effective.

put a hand in it. no seriously. put a hand in it.

no saving allowed

Saw this video:

Go to margins not to save people but to erase lines

Gift is the view

"The feeling is mutual"

To save, to unsustainable

Study social change movements


Bringing back the journal because.. as Belinda said, 'do things that don't scale' because... it forces process(ing)

Rediscovered my Pandora playlist heaven...i've been struggling for awhile with being a designer that is critical of pretty images and loves wordy things... i'm realizing that it has to do with tools that are the simplest possible method for telling stories and expressing thoughts and that have an emotional immediacy without a lot of rigamarole.

Do things that don't scale

Words and music are beautiful

phD Prezzies

Thinking of time as rate/rhythm

Looking for the voices of reason in the room

Lo-fi Prototyping

Mind blown from IDEO workshop: Can't seem to stress this enough: lo-fi prototyping to validate and test assumptions quickly before getting too far along in conceptualization process.

Create daily/regular practices to strengthen this mindset.

Components of Design

Service design debate today. What was said made me think:

Design is unique as: process, materiality, sensibility, and intention.

Why/What Beauty?

Last semester, was designing website for non-profit client working with youth from at-risk backgrounds. Started asking myself about aesthetic styles. Why did that clean/modern/minimalist/geometric style take over web design? Does audience at the other end identify with that style? To impose aesthetic style... seems tyrannical...

Asked why do we even need things to be beautiful in Comm Design class. Got some looks. Quickly rebounded...said it had something to do with showing that you value your audience...having to put them through something...your style...your taste.

Still struggling. Secretly like ugly things.

Beauty is (only)... an idea/l.

Meta & Existential Design

Prof talk about getting intentional and meta about design process. These are some methods:

  • - What's New: Use post-it notes to answer the questions 'what am I doing' and 'what should I be doing?'
  • - What's the Same: Keep brief requirements in mind and running list of questions
  • - Just for fun: What if the computer could ask you existential questions? [why do you live in Pittsburgh?]

What I thought: there can be methods to the madness